Attochron + The Mask Project

Attochron has teamed up with artist Jessica D. Perez, founder of The Mask Project, to transform perceptions of the new normal in the tech world. The Mask Project is Jessica’s way of giving back to those deemed “essential workers” in the era of social distancing and COVID-19. The Mask Project provides beautiful portraits, to essential employees who must wear a mask to protect themselves and others on the job in an effort to normalize this unprecedented time. In this video, Jessica discusses her artistic process; be sure to give it a watch!

Doctors, nurses, and first responders are the most prominent subjects of Jessica’s stunning drawings—and rightfully so. But look deeper into her work, and you’ll find that people from all walks of life are becoming the “Mona Lisas” of our new world: pilots, protestors, and even researchers from Attochron. Jessica's commitment to portray essential workers until a vaccine is developed is remarkable.

Attochron was deemed essential early on during the pandemic on account of the research we perform atop Carilion Clinic in Lexington, Virginia. Our research aims to fix the global broadband crisis that critically affects the nation’s hospitals. Patient data transfers can quite literally be someone’s lifeline, and Attochron is building the technology to make sure those transfers are safe, secure, and lightning-quick.

As such, we here at Attochron applaud Jessica, who is changing our new world one drawing at a time.

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