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"This technology when proven sound could be an excellent fit for the UOC/CAC2S/CoNDOR sites for BLOS scenarios."

Ultrashort optical pulses are generally defined as having a pulsewidth (time period) of pico- (10-12), femto- (10-15), atto- (10-18), or zepto- (10-21) -seconds. A femtosecond is one million times shorter than a nanosecond (10-9). Besides making ultrashort pulse lasers (USPLs) the fastest devices invented by humans, the short time period creates an extremely broad light spectrum in the individual pulses. Both the short pulses and the broad spectrum improve sensing, data communications and propagation (getting through the weather) abilities by orders of magnitude. Attochron principals pioneered the field of wireless USPL telecommunications in 1997.

Attochron and its university partners have demonstrated that Attochron USPLs can overcome the final challenge to all wireless telecommunications systems: weather conditions. Fog and cloud droplets hinder state-of-the-art FSO the way larger rain droplets affect larger Radio Frequencies (RF). The size of the droplet in each case coincides with the size of the radio and light frequencies respectively.

Attochron USPLs exhibit different behavior than state of the art FSO systems, even at the same wavelength (1550nm). Attochron and its partners have proven that our USPLs will penetrate fog and clouds significantly better than any previous FSO. And as the energy savings in Attochron systems is exponential, the performance will increase as the weather gets worse.

Attochron's i-AIR Lasercom™ will benefit commercial, military and disaster recovery telecommunications networks by providing the first highly-available (all-weather), scalable, IP-compatible optical network element to serve exponential global backhaul and access network growth. Attochron’s communications solutions are designed to be fully compatible with, and transparent to, today's standard WDM and IP networks. Primary customers include the entire business community, remote military commanders, and space agencies.

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